Monday, December 19, 2011

Tis the Season...

Ok, I'm just about done with my Christmas shopping for the year. The short list of 4 people I was shopping for swelled to 9 over the past week, so it appears I won't be treating myself to that special gift, after all :-(

But fuckit, it's all in the spirit of the season, so I really don't mind. Although I have no children of my own, watching kids rip thru wrapped gifts gives me great joy, so I'll gladly take the extra hit in the wallet for their sakes.

You see, Ma told me guest would be staying with her over the holiday & that I'd better not show up without presents, lol. So just 2-3 more smaller items, then I'm completely done, I'll be sure to handle those before midweek hits. There's no way you'll catch this guy here dickin' around in anyone's mall just days before Christmas.

Roads in the DC area are a congested nightmare, even without holiday traffic, so best of luck to any of you last minute shoppers out there.

I did manage (well... I almost manged) to stay within my shopping budget & that even includes what I expect to spend on the final few items I've yet to buy. I find I always struggle to stay within my set budget most years.

What can I say? I guess I'm just not a shitty gift-giver. Truth be told - I wish I was, at times, since buying thoughtful gifts can be challenging when you actually give-a-fuck. Plus, I know how it feels to get a shitty gift & I'd simply rather not be thought of in that particular light, lol.

Admittedly, for birthdays & other celebratory occasions, I'll quickly grab a gift card & call it a day, all in the name of saving time, I guess. But for Christmas, if not supplied with a list, I really do like to get people useful gifts.

All & all, I'm pleased with the gifts I came up with. I didn't even go the Internet route this year. I actually put in the leg-work myself for all but 1 gift & that was only because I ran across a really good online deal.

Anyway, since I doubt I'll post again between now & Sunday, I guess I'll take this opportunity to wish all of you a very merry Christmas! Enjoy the time with close friends & family. Despite all of the commercialism that Christmas now involves, remember above all... this is a time for love, peace & goodwill, regardless of religion -- now go out there into the world & BE somebody, lol.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Oh Yea??? It's cool, bet that...

So... it seems the world seems to has effectively forgotten about the kid, eh? Well check this out, I've decided to forget about the world. Yunno, those I never call, or who never call me? Deleted. Ex-girl('friends') who've lingered for years, but have no intentions of somehow developing anything meaningful? Deleted. Reluctant women who I've recently pursued, but to no avail - ALL deleted, deleted, deleted. You've been nothing but a huge waste of my fucking time, lol.

Long story, short... I've decided to nix the folks who don't enhance my life to some degree. In addition, I'm taking a break from social networking for the time being, as I no longer have any desire to update those connected to my past, with any of my current comings & goings. Why wait for the new year when I can cut the fat right now?

The way I see it, I've waited my entire life for people to act right & since that still isn't happening, its well beyond time for me to cultivate an entirely new crop of humans for harvest. Don't get me wrong, I'm not angry with any of the folk referenced above - but I'm very much offended & no longer care enough to carry each respective 'friendship' on my own.

You see, I've discovered that (outside of a few loyal niggaz) I've got 1 person I can count on in this world, ONE! The rest of my associations are comprised of people who are very much interested in getting theirs & really couldn't care less about the potential impact upon others.

Clearly these aren't healthy relationships worth preserving in the 1st place, so with that in mind, I'm consolidating my efforts, & strictly looking out for those who look out for me. Where exactly do I go from here, you ask? I've got no idea & to be quite honest - I'm absolutely terrified.

What I'm NOT afraid of is cutting my losses, & moving onto better opportunities in life. Any friends, family or lovers who truly wanted to be here... would be here - PERIOD. We've all got different priorities in life, so if you've chosen not make me 1 of yours, I'm completely cool with that, just don't expect me to check for you anymore either.

At this point, there isn't a soul who'll save me except for myself, life has proven that much, but I've finally come to terms with that & you know what? I feel better about it already... silly rabbits.