Thursday, May 10, 2012


~ 7:13p ~ Admittedly, I haven't gotten a whole lotta use out of the DVD player since having this car, but it sure comes in handy when your waiting for roadside assistance, smh. I'm currently watching 'Hustle & Flow' as I wait on these peoples to come change this tire. Last weekend I cleaned out the trunk, but neglected to put my tool bag (the 1 with the all important tire-iron in it) back into the trunk - so of course, I 'd catch a flat in less than a week of driving without my tools, smh.

It's still pretty much the heart of rush-hour, so who knows how long I'll be here. Talk about God having his own ways of slowing you down, lol. Glad I'm not hungry... I was actually on my way to a function I consider rather important though. I figure I'll still make the tail-end of it, but damn - I really did want to be there for the entirety of the program.

Couple of kats in a wrecker just pulled up & tried to see if they could get some coins outta the kid, actually woulda taken 'em up on their offer if I had some real cash on me - so it turns out fate just screwed me again, lmao. $45 bucks would've gladly been surrendered to get to this event sooner. Oh & guess how much emergency cash I used to keep stashed in my previous ride? Yup, $50... think I'd like to scream right about now, lol. I'll certainly be getting back to that practice very soon to avoid this again.

I'll say 1 thing about my roadside assistance provider, they keep callin back w/ status reports & shit, so at least somebody's actually awake on the other end, I guess. I really hate having to wait on help for something I can absolutely fix myself :-/ But it beats having no power, gas, or climate control - so I'll stop my bitchin' right here, lol. I'm approaching my favorite part of the movie anyway so I'm really not all that conscious of how time has passed. "Whoop that trick!"

A good samaritan pulled-over not long ago. So... good people still exist, eh? Maybe anyway... he kinda had violent, sexual deviant written all over him, so perhaps he was just hoping he'd rolled-up on some possible action, lmao. Needless to say, I sent him on his way. Shit... now I've gotta piss. I'll give it another 20 mins, then I'll be pissin off the side of this highway (it's okay, I'm a stranded motorist, lls).

~ 8:03p ~ okay, just got the call. Supposedly, the guy is about to pull-up on me in as sec...

~ hol-up, there dem peoples go ~

~ currently posted safely on the other side of the car, holdin lugs, while dude braves the rush-hour traffic whipping by us, along side Interstate 495 ~

~ yea, let him earn that bread, while I continue to blog, lol ~

~ it appears dude has his girl ridin' along with him, she's posted in the passenger seat of the truck, guess she's literally a ride or die chick ~

~ dude has got like 4-5 different hustles currently goin-on, think I'll definitely be taking advantage of this highly unorthodox networking session, lol. I meet the most helpful folk, in the strangest of circumstances ~

~ he's just about done, I'll edit & post later tonight ~ 

~ *Update*/ 11:11p ~ so the event ended at 9, I got there at 8:50, lmao. But it's cool, still somehow managed to accomplish what I set out to do this evening, even tho I missed the entire event itself. As a bonus, turns out I didn't even scrape any part of my rim (during the quarter-mile or so I had to drive on a completely flat tire to find a safe place to pull-over). Looking back, I think it's pretty hilarious that my biggest fear through-out the entire ordeal was a scraped rim (lol). All & all, no complaints - another day in the life... now I'm home, watchin' Person of Interest, just can't get enough of Ms. Taraji P. Henson :-D

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hit the Ground Running...

Last month I officially got back into my jogging routine & after the 1st few tough runs, I finally felt like I was back into the swing of things? This month I even started tracking my runs again, using the RunKeeper app I discovered for my phone last year. Not sure why I'd stopped tracking each run in the 1st place (perhaps I was a bit ashamed of myself for getting out of my normal routine, idk-lol).

I broke in some new footwear in April, very pleased with 'em. More-or-less a New Balance/Vibrams hybrid running shoe, they feel really light & seem to conform to the shape of my feet (I believe they're called 'NB Minimus,' or something to that effect). I try to run 3-4 times a week & it feels sooooo good each week I'm able to accomplish that task - I've got my 2nd 5k race coming up later this month, another race in mid-July & just today, a good friend hipped me to a 5k zombie obstacle course run in late-October. That should be fun, terrifying & exhausting - I'm really looking forward to that one!

Im general, I'm an independent worker by nature & I'm very comfortable with that, so it puzzles me why it took such a long time for me to get into running. I absolutely hated the idea of participating in track & field while involved with other sports as a youth, but I'm so glad I've come across what has become such a therapeutic release for me over the past 2 years.

Whenever I run, it seems I'm able to tune-out the noisy world, including the people in it & whatever it is I think they currently owe me, lol. So my recent return to the roadway actually comes at a great time for me. This is the time of year when I typically remove myself from the social scene & go underground for a bit to re-focus/analyze myself. This year's round of self-analysis has been productive so far... I've tightened up some really loose ends, now I'm on my way!

Though I ran far less this past winter, I didn't stop flagging good music to listen to while jogging. Thusly, I've managed to create several themed playlists to run to - as a general practice, I take the various music playlists I create VERY seriously, so I'm glad I made note of certain songs & artists for such purposes. I think I'll go with my 'hype mix' when I run this evening (today's Vitamin B dosage has me sittin at my desk jittery & really amped to run, lol).