Thursday, June 30, 2011

While Walking the Dog Tonight...

I got to thinking & realized that despite my occasional gripes & complaints, things are actually falling into place & I'm beginning to feel like I have a much better idea of why certain relationships, people & situations didn't pan-out the way I'd once hoped. It's nobody's fault, really - just bad timing & slight errors in judgement, I figure.

I've always believed things happen for a reason, but never before has the statement seemed so profound. I used to think I wanted this beautiful, voluptuous & take-no-shit kind of vixen who encompassed confidence, sex appeal & style as well. Get this, I also wanted this woman to be intelligent & worldly, yet down-to-earth at the same time.

I still believe this superwoman does indeed exist in the physical, she just doesn't describe herself as such - you see, she's far beyond those little boxes we attempt to place one another in, so advertising herself in such a way would never even cross her mind - I get that now.

Trust me, I've had no shortage of beautiful women in my past. A couple of 'em even closely resembled the ultimate vixen described above, but fell far short of being the humble girl next door needed to complete my vision in the end. My vision, lol... just seeing that bullshit in writing makes me laugh at how warped my thinking once was.

In any event, some women focused too heavily upon my habits, others questioned my commitment, then there were those who battled too eagerly & a few that didn't bother to fight at all. Still, I'd never trade the valuable experiences gained through each encounter. They've all contributed in one way or another to the reshaping of me.

Wanna know something else? My eyes are now open to possibilities that were always right in front of me, so I plan to explore each & every 1 of 'em now that I'm aware. The past is the past, so I'm moving forward. What type of woman do I seek nowadays, you ask? I'm not sure, but I'm definitely done with the stupid boxes - right now I'm just riding the wave of happiness. What's got me so happy, wouldn't you like to know (lol)?

For years I sought that 'perfect' woman so she'd complete me, but I never once stopped to 1st, perfect myself - that's no longer an issue. The reality is that those who gave up on me or passed me over never deserved me & conversely, I never deserved the 1 woman who loved me unconditionally. I hope & pray she's doing well in life.

To the lesser women of yesteryear, months back or hell, last week even - fuck you & I truly mean it from the bottom of my heart. You helped me define precisely what I don't want in a woman, but thanks for playing :-D

I say all of this to document the progress I've made as a person. Long gone are the days where I punished women for not living up to such unattainable & arbitrary standards. To the decent women I've hurt - I'm so very sorry, I know it's late, but an honest apology nonetheless - be well...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Now THAT was Fuckin' Hot...

Figured I'd better hurry & blog about this photo before it's too old to be considered news worthy. How cool is it that the couple captured in this photo (taken amidst a riot this past Sunday in Vancouver after the Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup) seems to be completely oblivious towards everything going on around them?!?

They're focused solely upon each another & it sure makes for great art,
or at the the very least, 1 hell of a discussion piece. You immediately begin to wonder about the couple upon viewing it for the 1st time. Who took the photo, was it staged, did someone eventually break-up the love fest? We'd later come to know this couple as Scott Jones & Alexandra Thomas.

According to the couple, Thomas was knocked to the ground & Jones rushed to her aid. What a wonderful moment to have frozen in time during a riot that, ironically, got started as a result of the collective feeling of heartbreak among Vancouver Canucks fans who'd just watched the
wrong team win the Stanley Cup. Hopefully, the 2 last as a couple, if so - they'll always have something interesting to sit on their coffee table & share with any visitors that might swing by.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Should I Do It?

Yea, I think I kinda have to... fuckit, why not? Besides, familiarity breeds complacency & I've got things to do, so there's certainly no time in my schedule for any of that!

Months ago, I watched an infomercial for the Insanity, a 60-day total-body conditioning program & thought to myself, 'I could do that.'

Well this weekend while visiting a good friend of mine, I noticed she had the Insanity workout kit. So she was kind enough to lend the kit to me so that I could burn the 10 workout discs.

Based upon what I already know about Insanity, I expect the workouts to be completely brutal over the course of 2 months time, but I'm ready for a new challenge so bring it on! I plan to start the 60 days of intense conditioning on August 1st, following my return from Miami in late July. If I stay on schedule, I should complete the workout plan by October 2nd, or so.

As challenging as Insanity appears, I still plan to continue my 5k runs, 3 days a week, but I'll need to scale-back my weight training activities if I wanna give myself a decent chance at sticking with Insanity for 2 months full months. I guess, I'll develop some sort of reduced lift plan to coincide with some of the Insanity workouts.

There's no getting around the fact that 45-minute conditioning intervals, 6 days a week for 2 straight months (not including the miles run), will test my level of commitment but hey, you only live once - so, come August, I'm making it happen...

Monday, June 13, 2011

Introducing Ms. Cookie...

Last week I heard the ADT entry chime sound, alerting me that my brother was getting in for the night. I could hear that he had company with him but this time, his company beat him to the very top of 2 flights of stairs. 'Cookie,' an all-black pit bull terrier/black lab mix with 3 white feet (looks like she's missing a sock, lol), quickly appeared & briefly introduced herself before proceeding to tear through my room with complete & reckless abandon, lol.

I didn't have anything dangerous laying around that could harm her, so I gladly allowed her to continue exploring her new surroundings. I can recall thinking at the time, 'Clearly, she was an apartment pup,' because she seemed super-excited with the additional real-estate. I've never seen a dog SO happy just to go up & down stairs. So up & down she went, from the 1st to the 3rd floors, for almost 30 minutes! I just couldn't tell her to stop - not on the 1st night, lol.

After work the next day I took her out for her 1st walk around the hood. I'd forgotten the small things required to break-in a new pup. We sniffed each & every tree before she finally got thirsty & led me back home, lol. Did I mention it was 95+ degrees that day??? The next several weeks will be spent breaking her of any bad habits she managed to pick-up during her short stint with her previous owner. But she's a good pup, so me & my bro can handle her.

The previous owner has a newborn baby, so apparently Cookie was evicted. One man's trash is another man's treasure :-D But the timing was perfect since I was literally weeks from bringing home a new puppy myself. It's been rather quiet at home lately, so it's really nice to have a fresh dose of energy running around the house. Cookie's sudden arrival is certainly welcomed by all here at 9914.

She likes to keeps me company when I'm weight training & doesn't get in my way. She already knows to catch me between reps, she's pretty bright - wonder how long before she's ready to run along side of me when I jog, right now her endurance isn't anywhere near where it needs to if she ever wants to accompany me, but we're working on that...

Monday, June 6, 2011

Relax, it's Just Sext...

They were talking about sexting on the radio this morn... ever send sexually suggestive text messages or naked photos of yourself to significant others or 'buddies? Well why-the-fuck-not??? Personally, I'm not so huge on the dirty text messages myself (that's a little too much work), but I'll definitely admit I'm guilty of sending a nude pic here & there :-D

Generally such messages have been reserved for girlfriends I've had in the past, but there have been more than a few times when that wasn't necessarily a prerequisite, lol. I really enjoy receiving sext messages/nude photos - always a blast whenever the fun is reciprocated on the other end.

Now that I think about it, I haven't gotten 1 in a while - soooo... if you've got my number............. lol. It's a no-brainer that you've gotta be careful with these kinds of messages & photos. It's seems everyday we learn of a prominent figure who goofed & sent compromising photos or messages that are later shared with the world.

But fuckit, I'm not running for office, nor am I ashamed of my body, so even if revealing photos of myself were somehow leaked to the public - big fucking deal. I actually think I'd be far more embarrassed by a sext message I'd composed than any nude photo of myself.

If you're a card carrying member of the 'Fun Police' & you remain completely uncomfortable with trusting your naked flicks with ANYone ever, the most obvious suggestion for you would be to keep your face out of the photo (if you want to be a punk about it, lol), that way if it's ever shared, folks can't be certain it's you.

Still everything aint for everybody & some people will continue to live like it's the 19th century forever, so to you folks I say... do you. Besides, I guess the last thing you want to do is offend someone who isn't quite as in touch with their sexuality (or yours).

I can only recall maybe 1 time that I actually managed to offend someone with a suggestive photo & it wasn't even nude, lol. As I recall, she never responded to the pic, she flat-out ignored it, rather. I'd soon come to find this women to be a bit of a prude - God bless her in each & every 1 of her future endeavors, but.... next!

To make a long blog short, I fully support sexting and/or nude photos of all kinds. It keeps things interesting & fun, whether you are or aren't involved a relationships. So yea, I've done it before & I'll certainly do it again - now c'mon, live a little & send him or her a little eye-candy right now! You scared?

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Raising the Bar...

Alright, what's going on here? I was never a health nut at any point during the 1st 30 years of my life, but in addition to my new love for running, I've been using the days previously reserved for rest, to tone-up as well lately. I still loathe the gym, so instead I've been working out at home on my core, chest, arms, legs, shoulders & back with 15 & 30-pound dumbbells in addition to an exercise ball.

Last night, I found some fitness videos to stream to my tv (via Netflix) & actually ended up developing my 1st workout plan afterward. It took me the better part of yesterday evening to test each dumbbell weight, activity & rep count. Then I still needed to breakdown 21 activities into separate exercise groups to complete over 3 days time.

The plan is to perform 3 sets of each of those 21 activities I've came up with. I figure I'll be tweaking the rep count & weight sizes over the next couple of weeks until I get a better idea my current strength level in each area. But I'm telling you - some woman is gonna end up with 1 fine, chiseled piece of man-meat by the time I' done here, lol.

To maintain at least 1 day of rest, I had to remove a day from my previous cardio routine. I'm not so happy about that since I've come to enjoy running so much, but 3 days of weight training coupled with another 3 days of 3-mile runs sound like more than enough to do during a given week.

What I like most about my proposed workout plan is that it gives me the freedom to do it from just about anywhere. Whether I'm home, at work, out of town, or yes, even the unthinkable -visiting the dreaded gym, I can manage a decent workout with very few adjustments (if any) to the routine.

I'm a huge NFL football fan & with that in mind, I thought it'd be wise to reserve Sunday as the new rest day since I'm down to just 1 now. My previous off-days had been Monday, Wednesday & Friday, now I've got 7 activities scheduled for each of those days & I plan to continue running each Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday.

It's clear to me now how working out can be so addictive. With any luck this WON'T just be a phase, but a far healthier lifestyle, rather. What feels the best about this healthier living over the past few months is that nobody pushed me, the encouragement from watching those close to me provided more than enough spark to get me out there on my own.

Off to get today's miles in, until next time kiddies...

Friday, June 3, 2011

Feature Friday: Distant Love...

Ok, I'm thinking this particular Feature Friday post will be the last. I find I just don't have the time to locate these hidden gems on my own as of late - but at least I managed a good 6-month run. Who knows? Perhaps it will return at some point. Anywhoo, the 6th & final selection is a poem I found online at & really liked.

The writer goes by Tiffany B, 'Distant Love' reads as follows:

My life has been so empty for so long,
no one to love or call my own.
I patiently waited for that time to come,
To share this special with someone.

Until you came from the mist, unexpectedly,
Taking me as I am and accepting me.
You filled the emptiness that laid inside,
releasing me form my bitterness and pride.

We shared endless moments together,
questioning if the feelings were true,
Not realizing how fast time had flew.
The time had come for me to part and go away,
The words goodbye I had refused to say.

I am now miles away from the one I love,
things are so different, but your still all I think of.
A day seems like year and a month feels like forever,
I think about the times we spent, and THAT
I will always treasure.

Your soft brown eyes that made me shy away,
your cute little smile that brightened my day.
Your gentle touch that gave me chills,
and your whole body in itself that gave
me thrills.

I'll wait patiently until we can touch again,
but i am now more satisfied because you
are more than just my friend.
To bring back those moments, and to
finally see your smile,
And hope that things will remain the same
for a while.

My feelings for you are now stronger than before,
and your love is something I will not ignore.
See now, a part of you has grown in me,
I love you always and forever it will be.