Monday, June 20, 2011

Should I Do It?

Yea, I think I kinda have to... fuckit, why not? Besides, familiarity breeds complacency & I've got things to do, so there's certainly no time in my schedule for any of that!

Months ago, I watched an infomercial for the Insanity, a 60-day total-body conditioning program & thought to myself, 'I could do that.'

Well this weekend while visiting a good friend of mine, I noticed she had the Insanity workout kit. So she was kind enough to lend the kit to me so that I could burn the 10 workout discs.

Based upon what I already know about Insanity, I expect the workouts to be completely brutal over the course of 2 months time, but I'm ready for a new challenge so bring it on! I plan to start the 60 days of intense conditioning on August 1st, following my return from Miami in late July. If I stay on schedule, I should complete the workout plan by October 2nd, or so.

As challenging as Insanity appears, I still plan to continue my 5k runs, 3 days a week, but I'll need to scale-back my weight training activities if I wanna give myself a decent chance at sticking with Insanity for 2 months full months. I guess, I'll develop some sort of reduced lift plan to coincide with some of the Insanity workouts.

There's no getting around the fact that 45-minute conditioning intervals, 6 days a week for 2 straight months (not including the miles run), will test my level of commitment but hey, you only live once - so, come August, I'm making it happen...