Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Now THAT was Fuckin' Hot...

Figured I'd better hurry & blog about this photo before it's too old to be considered news worthy. How cool is it that the couple captured in this photo (taken amidst a riot this past Sunday in Vancouver after the Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup) seems to be completely oblivious towards everything going on around them?!?

They're focused solely upon each another & it sure makes for great art,
or at the the very least, 1 hell of a discussion piece. You immediately begin to wonder about the couple upon viewing it for the 1st time. Who took the photo, was it staged, did someone eventually break-up the love fest? We'd later come to know this couple as Scott Jones & Alexandra Thomas.

According to the couple, Thomas was knocked to the ground & Jones rushed to her aid. What a wonderful moment to have frozen in time during a riot that, ironically, got started as a result of the collective feeling of heartbreak among Vancouver Canucks fans who'd just watched the
wrong team win the Stanley Cup. Hopefully, the 2 last as a couple, if so - they'll always have something interesting to sit on their coffee table & share with any visitors that might swing by.


  1. I love this photo...great post. first time I saw the photo!

  2. Thanx ma'am, I'm workin on re-creating just such a moment for myself, lol...