Thursday, April 19, 2018


Over the past few years, or so, I feel like I’ve really gotten away from patronizing black-owned business... for various reasons running the gamut from sheer convenience & lower price points to extreme angst over poorly run business operations & customer service practices. 

But earlier this week, I decided to simply get over myself & do something about it. I opened new accounts with 3 black-owned & operated banks in an attempt to #bankblack & keep it trill in whatever small way I can. Sure, there are certainly banking options outside of my community with branches on every corner, account opening bonuses, higher interest rate yields, so on & so fourth… but to me, it’s an important time for my people to circle the wagons. 

How could I ever successfully impress upon others, things I think they should be doing, if I myself am not an avid practitioner of those very same strategies. With that in mind - I’ve decided to move my money from their house to our house, in hopes that my people will likewise, consider the same.

I choose now to actively seek-out black-owned businesses offering similar services & products that I buy regularly, with a reinvigorated mindset… simply put, I help my own community so much more with each & every dollar spent there instead, moving foreward I intend to do just that.