Monday, June 13, 2011

Introducing Ms. Cookie...

Last week I heard the ADT entry chime sound, alerting me that my brother was getting in for the night. I could hear that he had company with him but this time, his company beat him to the very top of 2 flights of stairs. 'Cookie,' an all-black pit bull terrier/black lab mix with 3 white feet (looks like she's missing a sock, lol), quickly appeared & briefly introduced herself before proceeding to tear through my room with complete & reckless abandon, lol.

I didn't have anything dangerous laying around that could harm her, so I gladly allowed her to continue exploring her new surroundings. I can recall thinking at the time, 'Clearly, she was an apartment pup,' because she seemed super-excited with the additional real-estate. I've never seen a dog SO happy just to go up & down stairs. So up & down she went, from the 1st to the 3rd floors, for almost 30 minutes! I just couldn't tell her to stop - not on the 1st night, lol.

After work the next day I took her out for her 1st walk around the hood. I'd forgotten the small things required to break-in a new pup. We sniffed each & every tree before she finally got thirsty & led me back home, lol. Did I mention it was 95+ degrees that day??? The next several weeks will be spent breaking her of any bad habits she managed to pick-up during her short stint with her previous owner. But she's a good pup, so me & my bro can handle her.

The previous owner has a newborn baby, so apparently Cookie was evicted. One man's trash is another man's treasure :-D But the timing was perfect since I was literally weeks from bringing home a new puppy myself. It's been rather quiet at home lately, so it's really nice to have a fresh dose of energy running around the house. Cookie's sudden arrival is certainly welcomed by all here at 9914.

She likes to keeps me company when I'm weight training & doesn't get in my way. She already knows to catch me between reps, she's pretty bright - wonder how long before she's ready to run along side of me when I jog, right now her endurance isn't anywhere near where it needs to if she ever wants to accompany me, but we're working on that...

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