Thursday, September 15, 2011

Just Thought this was Pretty Cool...

The Baltimore Ravens (my favorite football team) now distribute iPads to it's players, rather than the old-fashioned playbooks & to me, that seems like an excellent idea.

Players now have the convenience reviewing game film, studying plays & game plans all in one device. The only other team that seems to use iPads for playbooks are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, so it appears the Ravens are on the cutting edge in this regard.

According to the blog I read on the teams website, Ravens offensive coordinator, Cam Cameron (pictured above) wondered if the team's several-hundred page playbook could somehow be transferred to some sort of tablet device. Less than a year later - the notion is a reality. The teams says the responses by players & coaches alike, have been rather positive so far -- well duhhh! Lol.

"There are things it’s good for & things that the paper is better for. You can put video on it, which is very convenient. It’s nice to not have to carry around a giant playbook all week. “I do print some things out so I can mark down the route progressions & things like that, but in all, it’s been an easy transition", said Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco.

The team purchased 110 iPads & even purchased 10 more when the NFL expanded training camp rosters to 90 players this year. According to Nick Fusee, the Ravens' Director of Information Technology, several tablets were tested before settling on Apple's 64 gb iPad 2. Fusee expects the new playbook distribution method to save the considerable printing costs over the new few years.

“Our video staff has already got the game loaded on their laptop, so all they have to do is plug in through iTunes & load it up on the plane. It only takes a minute, & the guys like that,” Fusee added.

Another huge benefit of going the iPad route is that the Ravens cam always remotely wipe data from any stolen or missing iPad ensuring that playbook & scouting info doesn't 'conveniently' fall into the hand of another team. Additional security measures include automatic wiping of the device after 3 incorrect password entries.

The Atlanta Falcons also flirted with iPads this year. They used the tablet to conduct pre-draft interviews. In my opinion this is yet another example of how tablets are taking over & I, for 1, love it...

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