Sunday, March 4, 2012

So I went to church today...

I'd actually been boycotting church for years (never really felt the whole ministers buyin' Benzes using tithe money supplied by poor people), but this morning when I opened my eyes at about 6am, for some reason, I up & decided I needed to be in church. So I got myself together & headed to the church I'd attended for years against my will as a child.

It was a bit different than I'd recalled & definitely much shorter - it's amazing how an hour & a half of church service can seem like 3+ hours of torture when you're not even an adolescent yet, lol. Though I still feel a certain way about many who make money within the field of ministry & religion - I do realize the benefits people (including myself) can take away from worshiping among a group of fellow parishioners.

Today Pastor Davis' sermon focused on identifying chronic problems & attacking them at root-level, versus applying temporary band-aids to surface issues. An interesting topic to say the least & I definitely left with additional knowledge of a few things I could be doing here & there to better address some of those lingering, underlying issues in my life. I'm glad I decided to go!

As I listened to the word, I wondered if my mom was in attendance. Using one of these friends/family gps location apps installed on both of our cell phones, I discovered that she was indeed there & sent her a text letting her know I was there. Shortly afterward, she found me & I went to talk with her & my father for a bit before leaving. She was super-excited to see me there - I could tell it really made her day to see me at church without her constant nagging, lol.

Many improvements have been made & a new pastor now roams the pulpit, but the church hasn't changed all that much. The glass remains stained, the ushers are still there & so is the steeple, lol. As for church folk... well, they're still church folk. A new sanctuary built soon, so it was nice to sit thru a service in the church I remember from my childhood 1 last time.

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