Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Year Wiser...

I've no-doubt been blessed by a great core of friends & family over the years... 

I know precisely those I can count-on & that's a wonderful thing! 

To be individually recognized & remembered by said group of people on my birthday (& without the assistance of social media, at that) gives me great joy! A couple days back, on the 6th, I celebrated my 33rd birthday - though I didn't host any great blow-out birthday bash to celebrate the day, I very much enjoyed the day & those who helped to make it special for me. I did manage to take the day off from work, but I really just used the day to pamper myself.

I closed-out the day by going-out to dinner, the meal was so good that I passed-out upon returning home. Again, no huge celebration by any stretch of the imagination, but it was just the type of cozy, intimate celebration I envisioned for myself this year.

Whether you took the time to present a gift, stop by for a visit, drop a card in the post, or simply pick-up the phone to wish me well, it's ALL very much appreciated on this end - thanks so much!!!
Now let's see just what the kid can do in this world, armed with another year of knowledge :-D

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