Friday, April 18, 2014

"Girl, I Luv That Hair!"

Nap·py (adj.) - beautifully coiled, chemical free, real, unaltered, versatile, styled by Mother Nature. Synonyms - kinky, natural.

Though I can't place my finger on why, I've taken a liking to various natural hair styles that many women of color have reverted to in recent years. Not only is it fashionable, but it seems practical too. Why spend so much on hair care products & processes designed to make black hair look... well, "un-black?" 

Besides, wouldn't it be great to keep some of that money in our community? Even a layman such as myself can see that natural hair care is a rapidly growing industry. Upstart companies have stepped-up to handle the demand thus far, but how long before major companies like those who produce Dark & Lovely, swoop-in to buy-out such Mom & Pop companies, and then water-down the existing product lines to maximize production & profits?  

Granted, this is a pretty unique & foreign topic of discussion for a guy to blog about - but yes, I too have eyes & thoughts when it comes to black hair. To be clear, I'm definitely not knockin' any sistahs who prefer to chemically relax or extend their hair for whatever reasons, but there's an extra sassy vibe accentuated by naturally styled hair & it can't be duplicated.

The women pictured in the collages are great friends who've allowed me to post their images here. They've both rocked the natural look for some time now. I've often heard many of their gripes, when it comes to maintaining the style. But I've also noticed (& on numerous occasions) just how proud they both seem when everything is clicking, almost like an additional sense of self pride, not as frequently express by those with less-ethnic styling techniques.

I myself have sported a bald head for years now (so did Shaka Zulu, so I still consider my look to be ethnic, lol), but I've often wondered how I'd be wearing my hair nowadays, if I instead chose to grow it out. 
I've never really had a true preference before, so the hairstyles of women I've dated run the full gamut - but I know what I like in that department now. Great, yet another element to incorporate when it comes to my extensive build-a-woman project... fuck. But at any rate, I truly hope that more men & women of color continue to embrace their natural beauty in such ways - it would be quite a boring world if everything looked European, diversity is most certainly a wonderful thing - long live the kinky curl, lol.

Join me next week as I'll be discussing my thoughts on make-up application - lmao, just kidding folks!


  1. WOO!!! We need more men to embrace the natural hair movement! If more men are supportive then more women will start rocking natural hair. I've had conversations with women who say their husband or boyfriend don't like when they wear their hair in natural hair styles. I've also heard women say they would go natural IF their husband/boyfriend liked it.

    I'll admit when I went natural I asked my husband how he felt about it. I am lucky he was/is so supportive. I would have done it even if he didn't like it but it helps that he is supportive.

  2. I can definitely say it has been interesting watching all my friends go through the natural transition. I can maybe count on one hand the ladies that I roll with who are staying with the creamy crack. And it looks great on them. I, on the other hand, am still embracing it as I see no fun in playing with products or my hair which I feel is a necessity when you go natural. I am actually scheduled for a perm this week.