Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Reboot: Telecommuting...

Tomorrow, I plan to start telecommuting (one day a week) again... I initially began the practice back in 2012, to save on my weekly commuting expenses - a day of working in my underwear was definitely a bonus as well.

But I didn't telecommute at all in 2013, I had a far lighter workload last year & quite honestly, it was easier for me to physically report to work than come-up with fictitious activities to put on my daily telecommute action plan, lol. I always intended to get back to telecommuting, but just got out of the habit I guess.

Now, my to-do list here at work is once again full of bonafide assignments to complete, so I'm comfortable documenting my efforts from home again. The weather seems to finally have broken in the area, so along with the warmer temps, comes the added desire to goof-off a bit more during the work week, a telecommute day should help alot in that regard.

The last time I was telecommuting regularly, Wednesday was my scheduled telecommute day, this go-round, I'll be tabbing Thursday as my preferred stay-at-home day. It's a little closer to the weekend, plus physically returning to work each week on a Friday sounds pretty good to me.

Earlier this year, I began driving to work (rather than take the subway) a couple days a week, so now that I'll be telecommuting on Thursdays, that leaves just 2 days a week that I'll have to deal with extremely busy Metrorail system (& it's lovely patrons) - yet another bonus & I'll take it :-D

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