Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Death, Taxes & (Apparently) Snow...

The year I became a full-blown adult (i.e., a college graduate with full-time employment), my feelings on both snow & filing taxes changed dramatically

I now hate both since I rarely benefit from either event nowadays. Since I'm often battling both during the month of February each year, I hate February too! 

Lol, ok - perhaps hate is too strong a word, but just bring-on the springtime already! We've had a pretty cold & snowy winter in the region, I promise I won't complain about it being too hot this summer. Ok, I probably shouldn't make that claim either, lol. But I do prefer extreme heat, when faced with the option of that, or the bitter cold! 

I've been driving to work more frequently, as opposed to taking the subway, so that means I've been driving in wintry conditions a lot more than I 'm typically used to. I find my car is best operated on clear, dry pavement, lol.

On top of that, I've been pretty anxious to run as if late, but that would require that the sidewalks or street shoulders be clear of packed, icy snow - I'm not a huge fan of being struck by vehicles while jogging, so I'm very much looking forward warmer temps! We've been getting slammed by snowfall so often this winter, I can't even complain about the county's method of timely snow removal.

As far as my displeasure (I think that word works better than hate) of filing taxes - it's quite simple, I don't have enough sh!t to claim, so my state & federal refund (if any) is never what I'd like for it to be. It cuts even deeper to see folk waving their huge refund checks in the air, praising their tax preparers & celebrating the ill-gotten gains - clearly, I need to STFU & just get with the program, lol! Soooooo... who's unemployed with a kid (or 2) that I can claim?