Friday, February 14, 2014

Kind Words...

Sometimes words of appreciation, no matter how brief, can be so very encouraging. 

It's just nice to know that the support one lends, is in fact, appreciated by another individual, on some level. 

I haven't always found that to be the case, so it's definitely refreshing to get an old-fashioned "thank you" from time to time. A hand-written note, sent via snail-mail, makes the gesture all the more rare.It's not really our fault, or maybe it is, rather... but at any rate, we're so spoiled by technology, the digital-age has really severely hampered our ability to connect with one another on a personal basis - so much that we rarely take the time to extend heart-felt sentiments anymore. 

Personally, I find it's the small things like this, that leave the biggest impressions upon me. The (above pictured) thank you note got me to thinking of just how infrequently we stop to express our feelings of gratitude with those who have assisted us, at some point, along the way. 

Certainly, I too, have been guilty of such omissions... but I do try my best to give people roses, while they can still smell 'em. The way I see it, an overdue thank you is very much akin to no thank you at all. As with most things in life, timing is everything...

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