Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Over the past year I've noticed that my parents have become alot more dependent upon me. It's not that they're any kind of nuisance to me, just an early indication of what is to come I figure. Small (but important) things in their home need maintenance more frequently & I'm finding that often times they're not even aware of issues that need immediate attention like they once were.

At times it's a struggle balancing when to tell Pops he just can't do something anymore vs. letting him attempt to complete the task & then going behind him later to complete the chore correctly. On the other hand, Ma is all to happy to see that I now make weekly visits to the house and welcomes any assistance, but I often catch her slippin at times in regard to the general upkeep of the home as well.

Alarms are often left unarmed, vehicle care is often only taken into account after something has gone majorly wrong, pretty much anything that requires more than just a bill to be paid is neglected much of the time. And on top of that I'm beginning to become more concerned about the overall health of both at this stage of their lives. I kinda wish my brother was a lil more involved at this point, but to be honest it's never really been his thing, so it's far from an indication of his love for both & I'm cool w/ takin care of shit til the light switch goes off in his head one of these days.

I'm also wondering how long the two of them will continue to work. Pops, can pretty much retire the moment he doesn't feel like waking up in the morning anymore, so who knows when that will be, but I'd like to see it happen some time in the very near future just so he can get some rest from life. As far as Ma, I'm not quite sure where she stands with her retirement benefits and such. She has worked for several employers over the past 25+ years so I'll have to look into that soon.

All and all, they're my folks and I was blessed to have the both of them around until this point in my life, so I'll do anything required for them. Have you begun to consider such things with regard to your parents or childhood guardians? If not, might be are good time to look into matters of the sort. The years are flying by, and their not getting any younger - & neither are you!

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