Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Monkey is Happy...

While today marks the big 3-0 for me, I've never really made a big deal about my birthday & I tend to shy away from that kind of attention.

Still, I recognize the significance of the milestone & I'm so very happy to see another year - incidentally, sex is wonderful after 30, so I'm really looking forward to that :-D

But while today should be a joyous time, it's really a reminder of my very dear friend. We had SUCH big plans in regard to our 30th birthdays, since they're just 4-weeks apart, but she passed away just days before her 29th & honestly, it's something I've been a little bitter about ever since.

I know I'll have to let go of Vam at some point (& that she's in a better place), but I'm still not ready to. She'd be the 1st to point-out how I've always done things on my own terms, so I guess this would be another example of such, lol. But she'd want me to enjoy myself so I will - just wish I could tell her how loved she is.

The past year has been turbulent at times indeed, but fuckit - I'm here! As I think of the many things I expected to have accomplished in life by now - certainly, I've fallen short of many of those self-prescribed goals & expectations, but I've also managed some pretty remarkable achievements & for those, I'm very proud, cheers...

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