Friday, April 1, 2011

Feature Friday: Explore My Heart

It's my goal to post a Feature Friday blog the 1st Friday of each month. Any good literary, vocal or otherwise artistic works you'd like to see shared? Perhaps you've got some good stuff yourself. If so, shoot me an email at & I'd be glad to post it.

This week's selection comes courtesy of the late Velenda Anise Mason, a very close friend & confidant for many years. I thought I'd share two passages from 'Explore My Heart,' a book she published in 2008. Vam's birthday is next week, she would have been 30 and Tuesday marks the anniversary of her sudden death. In light of the fact, I figured it would be very appropriate to share a few of her thoughts this month. The 1st excerpt from her book focuses on infatuation versus love & the 2nd touches upon appreciating loved ones while they're still here to actually smell the flowers...

"I've been lucky in my fourteen years of dating to
experience real love more than once. It is a beautiful
experience and I would not trade it for the world.
I want young men and women to learn the difference
between infatuation and love. It is a job and it takes
compromise and sacrifice but it is well worth it. I have
gone through enough in my lifetime to know a thing
or two. Just know that with faith anything can happen...

...appreciate your family and friends while you still

have them here. You really don't know when you will
see somebody for the last time. It is a terrible feeling to
think of all the things you could have or should have done.
Besides you are going to find a small amount of people
who care about you and your well-being."
It's my hope that someone, somewhere will read her words and somehow find comfort in knowing that others too have struggled, it's certainly nothing new so try your best to maintain a clear mind. Above all, be-strong, live-wise & play-hard good people...

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