Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spring Cleaning...

Between the beginning of the 2011 & now I've been quietly cleaning house in the background, you know... getting rid of the people who clearly mean me no good & focusing more on those closest to me. I'm all about positive reinforcement, people & surroundings nowadays, so I just don't have the time to deal with those who don't factor into that equation at the present the moment. I'm just about done so, good riddance to all who've been unproductive pests, the role you've played (or haven't) in my life is now complete :-D

[Old News:]

Much like perishable food items, some friends/associates also have expiration dates. These individuals could be those special people you have a 'history' with, or simply childhood friends who need to remain just that. Often times they've been extremely fun to be around, so it's easy to overlook the fact that things have changed. Still, it's important to keep an eye on who's been around beyond their expected shelf-life & make the necessary cut-backs when required. In my mind it's better to cut ties with 'em now, rather than continue the absolute weirdness of the current experience.

[Toxic Agents:]

I feel like there are some people who just come out the womb with nothing but evil intentions for the world. They're just no-good. I've got an ex-girlfriend who for the life of me will not get lost! She remains present for 1 reason only, to haunt me, lmao. What she has to offer could benefit me in no way, shape, or form. This time I've finally abstained. C'mon, you too know these kind of people, they aren't really here, but they won't truly leave either. Well, I've finally kicked these people to the curb - haven't bothered to look back either, that would slow me down.


Some are rather skilled at accepting, but not so well-versed in the art of giving. Recently someone went missing in action on me after receiving a loan. No visits, calls, texts, emails or anything regarding the delayed repayment (or 'perceived' friendship for that matter). Funny thing is, I never loan money I can't afford to lose, so the bread ain't an issue since I gladly would've extended the loan indefinitely, but the avoidance tactic bugs me. But I've already mentally written it off as a gift & beyond today's post, there will never be mention of it again. Needless to say, bridges such as these must be burned... to the ground.


Then there are those who I'm just not sure about. They've displayed no obvious character flaws from the outset, but for whatever reason, they haven't let me in either. Not a move I'd encourage - you see, I don't open up to anyone who isn't reciprocating the very same action, so in reality, the only time being wasted is theirs. Besides, it'll soon become clear, whether they belong in 1 of the groups described above or below this section.

[Outer Ring:]

My collection of friends/associates who are indeed good people, just not the folk I'd interact with on a daily/weekly basis. They're cool enough to hit happy hour with, but haven't demonstrated the dependable characteristics required for me to completely endear myself. I probably wouldn't invite 'em to the spot, nor would I seek advice from this set of friends beyond anything trivial in nature. But thats not to suggest I don't serve in such a capacity on their behalves, because I do! But I'm not surprised when members of this group let me down - it's life, shit happens.

[Inner Circle:]

On the other hand, there have been those who've done nothing but support my every move & who have always been there. It's these people I know I can truly count on & it feels SO good to know they'll always be the wind at my back & not the spit in my face like so many others. Spring cleaning activities such as this, make me appreciate them all the more! Truly good friends are few in number, I understand this perfectly now.


Ahhh... the only group whose membership I don't control. But at the end of each day, these people inspire & encourage me to move beyond life's troubles & setbacks. The love they extend is a genuine, unwavering affection & serves as affirmation of the fact that it's NOT all about me. I think we get what we put-out into the world & I come from a family of pleasers, so it makes perfect sense that everyone in the fam is doing well. I'm definitely sticking with the flow.

In conclusion, I'm certain some people (those who actually know me) are reading this & scrambling to figure out just where they fall with respect to each of the groups listed above. To those, my suggestion is simple - cut the bullshit, you know exactly where we stand & quite obviously, so do I...


  1. After reading this, I now wonder in which group I belong. I'm fairly new to your world, I hope I get to stay...

  2. Good! I like it here. ;)