Monday, May 2, 2011

Blue Balls, lol...

Just about quitting time & all I can thank about here at my desk is sex! I'm well aware of how touchy a subject sex can be for many, but I've never really viewed the topic as taboo myself. In contrast, I've always welcomed discussions regarding human sexuality & intercourse.

In recent months I've been trying to abstain from 'meaningless' sex, but uhhh... not sure how much longer I'll be able to wage this particular war. It's almost summer & my hormones are operating at maximum output, keeping them captive will only become more difficult in the coming weeks.

In case you're wondering, masturbation will NOT cut it as an adequate stop-gap either. Honestly, it would be so much easier to scrap this damn plan & give some willing woman 'the business' & simply call it a night, lol. But Ma-Dukes once told me, "nothing easy is worth having," so I've (reluctantly) kept that in mind as of late.

Geez, I sure picked a God-awful time to seek 'something more' in women, lol. Granted, I've never been super-quick to do the 'grown-up' with just any ol' woman, but I'd be liar if I told you guys I was looking for some unique challenge during this present moment of extreme weakness. I'm definitely second guessing some of those recently deleted phone numbers now, lmao.

Remaining disciplined is always hard work & it's even more difficult when you know you're the only one keeping score. Without a doubt, I'm in definite need of some chicken soup for the soul, but getting these thoughts out of my head helps me a great deal.

"Thanks for allowing me to share," lol...

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