Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mission Compromised (breaking formation)...

I never before realized how conditional a state, good chemistry between 2 people can be. In years past, I guess I've been lucky as I've never before felt the need to force things because the chemistry always materialized on it's own, but its clear to me now that sometimes 2 people just don't have it.

You can say & do all of the right things but when the mutual attraction or sexual desire isn't obvious to both, it doesn't take long for the alienated party to begin losing interest before eventually raising the white flag in defeat. For those of you who'd argue it's about more than sex, trust & believe that this post references all forms of intimacy - throw a nigga a bone - damn, lol.

It's no one's fault I guess, but I'm definitely stuck in the 'friend-zone' with someone, so that, as they say, is that! Friend-zones are difficult to navigate & damn near impossible to get out of, meaning you can pretty much check any notions of physical/emotional intimacy at the door, lol.

I don't expect the following will garner much support from women, but if you're open-minded enough to hear me out, you too might recognize the ironic nature of it all. You see, there's always an inherent risk when a guy befriends a woman before sex is on the table (yea, you read that right).

As a result, we as men sometimes end up kicking ourselves for not being the ass-holes we're expected to be in the 1st place. Sure, historically, women have been encouraged to make a guy wait if she likes him, but uhhh... that's a pretty dated ideology & it most certainly doesn't apply across the board.

Then there's the ever so popular, "I've been burned before" spiel, lol. I love it when I get that 1 :-D But I'm giving you guys the benefit of doubt this go-round & assuming there's no need to elaborate any further on why living your life in fear of failure won't work either...

I figure it's probably best just to follow your heart & not some redundant study guide developed by others to justify their particular ways of living. On the other hand, if a woman's heart truly tells her to wait, then I guess Mr. Man (me in this case)is shit out of luck, in either instance, lol.

I know some will definitely consider my simplistic logic as a flawed outlook on life & that might indeed be the case, but be honest with yourself & decide which of the following 2 methods seems like the bigger waste of one's time:

-- Openly expressing the desire to have sex with a woman
you've only recently met & getting an on-the-spot decision...

-- Coming correct, putting in the time, playing all the
angles & possibly reaching the point of intimacy...

I'm just saying, method 1 seems like a huge time saver to me, lol. Besides, in today's age of the 'empowered' woman (who I might add enjoys the idea of sex just as much as men), the ass-hole has a much higher success rate - i.e. nice guys DO usually finish last. Any scientific study would surely expose the pattern here.

Which begs me to question, why we, as a society, choose to refer to such guys as 'ass-holes' to begin with. Honesty (no matter how brutal) should never be punished. Perhaps we should instead start using the term 'efficient' for these types of guys moving forward, lol.

But seriously, it's time to start developing an exit strategy on my end. I mean, it's not the end of the world, picking up yet another friend of the plutonic variety, but just how many friends does 1 guy need, really? Fuckit, if there's no chance in winning the war, I'm bringing home my troops - all of 'em!

Final Verdict: Honesty remains the best policy, even if that entails your perceiving me to be the quintessential ass-hole :o)p

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