Friday, May 20, 2011


A month or so back, I marked today on my calendar as the start of a new attempt to quit smoking. How appropriate is it that the date I selected falls just one day ahead of the great the rapture that will sweep the globe (according to Christian radio host Harold Camping, lol) on the 21st of May.

Pushing back my quit date would only prolong the effort, so I'm holding true to my word & slamming on the breaks from this point forward!

I did cheat a bit in preparation for today as I've only smoked on 3 occasions (lunch time at work) since Monday. I was trying to soften the blow that accompanies goin cold-turkey, so even before today, I'd already drastically reduced my tobacco consumption so... go me!

I've actually cycled on/off many times over the years. But this time, I've decided to stop myself, so I'll be monitoring my own progress. I'm a bit weary of being my own watch-dog (in the past, women have eagerly performed this role - lol). But I'm committed to a healthier lifestyle, so I'm making a serious effort here.

There's this iPhone app (LiveStrong MyQuit Coach) that I've been using over the past week that helps alot with the quitting effort. Each time I get an urge to smoke, I open the app to get both my custom & preset reminders, photos, factoids, messages of encouragement, so on & so forth - all pushing me to resist the urge.

Ultimately the app wants to know whether I gave into the craving or not. Based upon my individual selections (among other user-entered data), the app generates reports & develops quitting programs. There's also a support community of fellow smokers/former smokers embedded right into the app & companion website.

All I which I've found to be useful thus far. Not a bad way to analyze your individual habit & take the best approach towards quitting. During my 3 jogging activities this week, I've actually already felt the increase in my stamina & endurance levels.

I really hadn't intended to adjust my drinking habits since I only drink socially anyway. But sadly, beer/liquor makes me crave tobacco, so it's looking more & more like I'll be cutting the alcohol as well, at least until I'm confident I'll be able to handle those tobacco cravings after consumption.

Wednesday night/Thursday morning, there was ALOT of both liquor & tobacco in my home as my brother & some friends had gathered after leaving the bar. But I resisted on both accounts & didn't partake in either past-time, even though it would have been so natural for me to do.

I felt like passed a small test, lol. So at least I'm off to a good start so far. This weekend will likely provide the biggest hurdle. I'll have alot more down-time to deal with, so I'm gonna try & keep myself busy - wish me luck...

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  1. ***Just an update... I DID make it through the weekend cigar/cigarette free. That's 2 more points for me :-D