Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"America! Fuck yea..."

Normally, I'd be right there on the side of most cynics currently questioning impact of Osama bin Laden's recent demise & the resulting celebration by most Americans, but honestly - it's just not the time for it. This country needs a significant accomplishment to take pride in.

Just look at the shit-storms we've dealt with as a country over the past 10 years since 9/11. I mean, we're hardly a 3rd world country, but between our troops' continued presence in the middle east, high-ass gas prices, the health care battle, unemployment, FEMA's incompetence, the recession, housing crisis & ensuing bank bail-outs... fuck, do I really need to continue?

But this past Sunday, U.S. special operations forces made us all forget about that other shit for a few moments & I certainly welcome the break from it all. Screw the swift 'burial at sea' debate, the imminent retaliation plot by Al Qaeda & all that other jazz. We got that coward-ass mutha-fukka! If you want to mourn his death, feel free Gandhi - but not me.

As I watched the breaking coverage last night, much of the footage was dedicated to the crowds of students, tourists & citizens that gathered in front of the White House, Time Square & even upon ground-zero itself. It was so very refreshing to see (even if only for a flash of time) the citizens of this country all on the same accord for a change.

I love this country, but I'll be the 1st to admit I don't often embrace my patriotism as much as I should, but I certainly felt I was apart of a collective nation of people last night. To my fellow pessimistic, skeptical & overly morbid kill-joys, I implore you to hold-off on the convoluted conspiracy theories & such just a bit longer. Allow the country to bask in the glow of this momentary instance of unified satisfaction.

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