Saturday, April 2, 2011

The B Side...

I'm back people - guess I took somewhat of an extended birthday break. But uh... not much goin' on. I've got a new distraction (if you know what I mean), but outside of that I'm still side-steppin' bitter bitches, showin' fake niggaz how it's done & payin the Goddamn bills - who da fuck gon' check me?!?

Lol, sike nah - forreal tho I'm hangin in here. Still don't understand alot about this world (more specifically, the people in it), but as a life-long pessimist, I've actually been able to sit back & feel positive about things for once. I'm extremely blessed & thankful for my modest, humble position in life, but to be completely honest, I still don't know what the fuck to do with such a gift.

You know how they say good guys never win? I've always kinda felt that way. Let's be real here, I'm a healthy, employed, heterosexual, black man (in the prime of his life) with a decent education & no children or significant other of any relevance in the picture. Suffice it to say I'm a pretty high commodity in terms of the typical black woman & her 'plight' for adequate companionship in this cold, cold world (at least according to CNN, lol).

Now imagine the disappointment of not having ONE woman step to the plate & claim what's rightfully hers? C'mon not ONE woman? That must make me one hell of a jerk, huh? Lol, but it's not a big deal to me anymore like it used to be. You see, at the end of the day, those women didn't want me & judging by the same lack of determination on my part, I didn't quite hold my end of the bargain either. So I can only forgive them & I truly wish them nothing but the best.

When it comes to the women I've found myself involved with over the years, they're all really quite different from one another. Still, one thing they all shared in common was their doubt of my ability to walk a away from it all. Some of those choices turned out to be good ones, while others were lesser moments in life. But they were all choices nonetheless & I stand by each.

Life's not so much about gettin the things you don't have, but rather being patient, appreciative & creative with the things or people before you. It took me a while to learn that, but nowadays the people who are an active part my life get my full & undivided attention. If you're not around, perhaps your part has been played, or maybe you were just an outright bitch, lol - in either instance, I've got myself a date with destiny. I'm sure you understand...

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