Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sour Grapes...

Today marks a year since Vam has been gone from this world (in the physical sense anyway), and though I'm growing more accustomed with the fact that she's no longer here, I feel the void within my heart will remain for quite some time to come, if not always.

It's not that I feel there were things left unsaid or anything like that. Hell, Vam knew damn-well just how much I loved her & I never once felt those sentiments weren't reciprocated on her part... I just miss her.

Vam always enjoyed celebrating birthdays - her own as well as each of her closest friends' special days. In keeping with that spirit, a few of VAM's closest friends, including my brother & I, will be gathering Sunday morning to visit her gravesite & have breakfast in downtown DC afterwards. I look forward to breakfast, but not so much the cemetery.

In a year's time, I still haven't been able to visit her grave, partly because I KNOW she's not really in there, another part of me just doesn't want to realize the finality that seeing her headstone might bring. I'm hoping visiting her grave along side of friends & family will make things a bit easier to deal with...

I know you're still with us Vam, I can feel you everyday. Continue to look over us as we await the day we'll all be together once more I love you...


  1. What a nice tribute, P. What happened to your friend? I know she was a great love just by how you described her here. Praying for your strength.

  2. Hey Allissa. Yea, Vam was a very dear friend to me, she had some kind of brain aneurysm or something & was gone just like that! She went to hs w/ us... Thanx so much for the very kind words.