Friday, July 29, 2011

Somebody Get Her a V8, Lol...

Just minutes ago I shared with someone, my plans to go home on this Friday evening & watch tv & maybe a couple of movies. "Hell, I might even squeeze-in a run," I told her before she promptly informed me that I "really have no life," lol. She didn't say it with any malice, but whether or not I believe that, I guess I do have to recognize that I no longer have the urge to fill each & every weekend evening with marvelous tales of adventure & amusement.

You see, nowadays when I go home, I enjoy doing just that - going home! While that might sound boring or uneventful to some, it simply doesn't bother me in the least. Between the Playstation, Apple TV, computer, cable, liquid libations & 'party favors' (as an ex once called it), I'm fully capable of occupying myself, but I know the thought of a Friday/Saturday evening in the house just kills some people, so I'm not knocking them either.

Now that I've been there, done that & read the book too, its become a bit difficult to get myself riled-up for the weekends. Sometimes I enjoy the act of being able to do absolutely nothing at all, those are the moments in time I live for! But even if I were under the impression that I somehow didn't do enough elbow rubbing with the areas most visual & active socialites, I've come to a certain realization.

That realization being that I'm now in a place where I appreciate the simple things life has to offer so much more than I used to. I'd chose to spend an evening cooking a meal with a young lady of choice long before I'd suggest hitting a bar, heading out to eat, catching a movie or going to a club or some other venue. Sometimes it's nice to sit back & enjoy the company of another & even when there's no one but you, you've gotta learn to enjoy yourself!

But I know such a concept is easily rejected by the those of you who just can't sit still, lol. I get it, some folks have to be seen, heard or acknowledged in some way in order to feel alive. To those those of you, I say go for it - keep the party goin! Look at it this way, if you lose ur keys, get physically assaulted or can't find your ride home, give me a buzz. According to the friend I referenced above, I should be rather easy to locate, lol...

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