Saturday, July 2, 2011

Really, What's the Beef???

I'm currently aboard a train departing from Baltimore, heading back to DC after visiting a friend for an evening on the town.

Yesterday afternoon I got a call from her while at work & she suggested that I come up to visit her on the MARC train. So in super-spontaneous fashion I agreed, headed to Union Station straight from my office in Washington, DC bought a commuter ticket & was on my way to Baltimore's Penn Station within minutes!

After some bar hopping we spent some time walking along the pier at Fells Point. The weather was great last night & I had a absolute blast catching up with my old friend - it was the perfect way to kick-off this 4th of July weekend.

I've always enjoyed the city of Baltimore & I've never quite understood the rift between the residents of the DC, B-more & the surrounding suburban areas of both. For whatever reason, the 2 cities refuse to acknowledge 1 another & I've always thought it was a shame to have 2 major cities (separated by only 40 miles) where the locals of each so often fail to take advantage of what both have to offer.

As a lifelong resident of the DC area, I've always found my way back & fourth between the 2 areas & I love the history of both great cities. Just think, if the 2 could get they're acts together & make a realistic pitch to the International Olympic Committee we could bring the Olympics to the area.

Granted, there's always a natural rivalry between any 2 cities so close but, the hate-hate relationship Baltimore & DC seems quite unique in that other competing cities caross the nation seem well aware of the amenities of both & their residents seem to inter-mingle well. Yet when it comes to DC/B-more, that couldn't be further from the truth.

The styles are different & the same goes for the local language/accents used by the natives of each city. But outside of those trivial differences the two cities seem similar in many ways to me, so it baffles me how the 2 cultures haven't merged more (on their own) over the years. For the now, the line drawn between the 2 remains distinct & well defined. I truly hope that changes in the near future - but if not, fuckit more for me. Happy 4th guys, be safe...

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