Monday, July 9, 2012


Despite my best efforts, I was just unable to sleep last night. Don’t know what the deal is, I didn’t take a nap or anything on Sunday.  I did manage to catch about 2 hours of sleep between the hours of 10p & midnight, but when I awoke, I was wired all over again. So rather than watch tv & play video games all night long, I just brought my ass into work for a lil OT, hell I’ll even get some night differential pay out of it.

So here I am blogging from my desk, when I’d rather be home catching some zzz’s. But what can you do? No worries though, there’s always plenty of work to do here, so at the very least, I’ll have a much lighter Monday workload once my normal tour of duty starts at 7a. I haven’t blogged in a while anyway, so this clears an item from my to-do list. I figure I’ll like crash at about 2p, which should be perfect since I’ll  be back out the door by 3p.

Once I do roll for the day, I’m gonna try & force myself to stay awake until it’s time to sleep again tonight – don’t want to end up repeating this same routine by taking a midday nap. Perhaps I’ll go & cut my folks’ lawn once I’m off, now that the weather has finally dipped below 100 degrees again. The grass in desperate need of a cut, fortunately this east coast heat wave has also prevented the grass from getting any taller.

As for the latest happenings in my world - eh, not much of anything goin on to be honest, guess that explains why I haven’t blogged lately. No one's been added to the shit-list since I last posted, so I find myself really reaching for any sort of relevant content to publish here. Sorry, there will be no deep, philosophical insight to share with you this morning, lol. I can only confirm that I’m indeed breathing & still walking the Earth. Hopefully that’ll suffice for now.

Alright, I guess I'll get some work done (while the rest of you sleep, lol).


  1. Hope you are back on your sleeping schedule

  2. Well, I'm up at 3:30a, responding to your comment - so it if that's any indication... lol.