Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Season's Greetings...

I've always loved this time of year & I've gotten all of my Christmas shopping squared away (& an entire 2-weeks ahead of the big day at that). That said, I'm so very thankful for those in my life & look forward to the spirit of the season. Now there's little remaining for me to do besides sit-back & enjoy the time spent with loved ones. 

Thanksgiving was wonderful - I truly hope the vibe continues through to the new year as well, even though I've found this time of year now makes me think of those who have since gone on the most. Still, it's a happy time for me & there's little anyone can do to ruin my spirit - I simply won't allow it :-)

I spent much of 2012 getting rid of some additional cancerous associations & now that I've effectively handled that, I'm ready to move-on to my next chapter in life. I'm hoping others will follow suit & accompany me along the way. Guess that just leaves the many fruits I'm hoping 2013 will bear. 

I expect to make some additional life changes in the coming year; things like buying my 1st home & tightening up the budget (even more, lol)... sh!t - I gotta go, this'll have to be a shortie cuz I just missed my subway stop. In case I don't post again before the 1st, Happy New Year people!


  1. Ummm, when are you going to finish this post??? You stopped right at the good part!!!

    1. I missed my stop, so I had to wrap it up rather abruptly. I'll try & post again - but I don't anticipate revisiting this post again.