Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Let’s see... what’s changed since my last post in December? Not a whole lot I guess, but that’s actually a good thing. You see the young lady I found myself smitten with (in my September 15th post) is still very much in the picture & we’ve continued to move in the right direction.

So much that we’re now beyond the point where I’d normally become disenchanted with the relationship. In the past, I’d probably be busy trying to find faults with the relationship (all but allowing for an easier exit), but there really are no such aspirations for me this go-round.

Being understood by a partner is 1 thing, but knowing he or she is also willing to remain both patient & loyal, even when you’re not so easily understood, is quite comforting.

She’s not the only good woman I’ve had, but the very 1st I was actually prepared for, which makes her the best in my estimation. Though I sometimes catch her in moments of what appears to be self-doubt, or perhaps a lack of confidence in me rather, I think our future is bright - she’ll see that too with time.

Don’t get me wrong, I fully understand nothing’s written in stone & if I’m being completely honest here, I MUST recognize the possibility of yet another failed attempt at love. But I’ve never been afraid to pull the trigger... no reason to get gun-shy now, right? I’m ready.


  1. You better stay locked and loaded!!! So glad you decided to blog again....I look forward to reading more, more often!

  2. Wait, so exactly what are you pulling the trigger on??