Monday, July 1, 2013

Best Laid Plans

If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that the best, most well-intentioned plans can & will fall-thru, more often than not, really. You know, those arbitrary deadlines we give ourselves to accomplish various milestones in life? Let’s see, things like: 

College graduation at 21, new home purchase at 23, settle-down & marry by 25, have kids at 28… what a bunch of bullsh!t. Just whose life-plan was I following? From this point forward, I’m not following a roadmap. I'm just living, rather.

I’m done with all that silly planning I used to do. If it feels right, I’m goin with it & without taking much time to 2nd guess myself about it either. Seems I’ve waited forever to accomplish certain things, either that, or for someone else to reach the point when they thought the timing was right. Screw that! Besides, some of the best experiences of my life took place when I completely pitched the script. I plan to fully LIVE life moving forward, avoiding most things conservative in nature along the way.

When I examine the lives of those close to me, some of whom never really bothered to plan at all, they aren’t in any worse of a position in life than myself. With that in mind, I can’t say that I really see the obvious advantage in being safe & playing my cards so close to the vest, shooting from the hip seems to afford one the same (if not better) result. It's not that I haven't been spontaneous in life, but at some of it's most crucial points, I made a safe wager, rather than bet it all – often at the urging of others.

So out go ALL of those previous plans, along with my various rules, and while I’m at it - many associated personal standards as well. My focus now lies upon my overall quality of life, rather than the order or manner in which said goals were or weren't accomplished (& who approved of such). If a given person, material possession or activity soothes my soul, then by all means, I’m riding the wave until the very end – if I wipe out, then I'll just be at the same place I began – so... no huge loss there, lol.

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