Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Happy Birthday Ghostwriter28.com

In recent weeks, I'd thought really long & hard about shutting-down this blog, especially in light of the fact that I'm up for my domain name renewal this July. I hadn't been posting nearly as much as I did during my first 2 years of  blogging anyway & on top of that I'd been down lately, so I was thinking I might be done with this blogging stuff. But a funny thing happened to me yesterday... I went back & actually read some of my sh!t. 

Reliving both some of my favorite & lesser moments served as a subtle kick in the ass, reminding me of my initial purpose for this blog. The following is the first line of my very first post: "In my never-ending quest for self-understanding & development, I decided it's high time I start a blog in an attempt to capture some of my most in-depth thoughts..." Now just how can I shut this website down after reading that??? Simple answer - I can't.

Four years ago I decided this blog might be a valuable tool in assessing not only where I am, but also, where I've been. Yesterday this blog proved it's worth to me. I've still only chosen to personally share this link with a few people I know, but perhaps I'll add a few others to the VIP list this year. At any rate, posting here continues to be therapeutic for me, so I remain grateful to have found such an excellent emotional release method.  

I guess this is kinda needless to say at this point, but this blog won't be going anywhere, anytime soon... so I guess you're stuck with me :-)

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  1. Yayyyyy! I look forward to reading your thoughts...sometimes I even read it on your voice and imagine your facials. Thanks for continuing on :-)