Thursday, November 28, 2013

Closed For The Season...

A friend reminded me that I haven't run in quite some time now. The last time I jogged was in late September. I slightly injured my heel in August so I didn't run for a while. 

But I hit the pavement again Thanksgiving morning, it had been 65 days since my last run. 

Conventional wisdom told me to just run 5k or so, but I pushed it & managed a 5-mile run in sub-freezing weather - I think it was 26 degrees when I headed out. When I returned an hour later it had only warmed up to a balmy 28 degrees. 

My injured heel didn't bother me during my run, unfortunately that probably means the occasional discomfort I get in that area (when I'm not running) is more a result of just being old, lol. 

But not a bad run to close-out my running season, I won't be back out there until March so it was cool, going out with a bang. I've got one hell of an appetite right about now though, I'm going to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner SO much this evening. Bring-on the gravy!

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