Sunday, November 17, 2013

Writer's Block...

I took a moment to write in 1 of my journals today. Though I've kept them since 2004, I very rarely write in them nowadays. 

When starting this blog back in 2010, I began writing even less in those journals. I spoke to someone a few weeks back, who mentioned writing in theirs... it got me to thinking of just how dusty my own set had become.

I certainly didn't intend for this blog to replace my journal entries, after all... I could never be quite as honest here as I am in my private memoirs, but I do try my best to present truthful depictions of the inner-thoughts that guide my day-to-day comings & goings. I only wish I'd begun to chronicle my feelings earlier in life, like in high school, or middle school even.

How cool would it be to have a comprehensive log of various people & experiences encountered in life, while not having to rely solely upon this ol' brain of mine? Dates, places, names... at 32 years of age, a great many of these sorted details have been forever lost to time. But although certain specifics no longer reside within, the lessons learned remain.

When making my very 1st journal entry years back, I can recall doing so with the mindset that someday I might be able to share this with my son or daughter. I figured it might prove helpful for those times when he or she might be doubting themselves in life. Turns-out that re-reading many of those old entries has been a huge help for ME instead, go figure...

I'm definitely going to make a more conscious effort to scribe more frequently. Hell, I may end up needing to read this stuff again at some point & for that, newer content is a must :-D


  1. One of my most cherished possessions is my journals that span from 4th grade until present. I love reading my thoughts and feelings. It is amazing to see myself change, grow and learn.

    I also have a couple of notebooks from high school that my friends and I passed between us. I'm using some of it for the book I'm writing. It's hilarious, insightful, simultaneously deep and swallow and above all very interesting.

    1. Oh yea? That's tight! I've actually begun to transfer my old journal entries into a journal app that I recently added to my iPad (I'm currently transferring entries from 2004), ur right - it's truly amazing to see the thoughts I wrote down almost 10 years ago... how far I've come, lol.