Monday, December 30, 2013

Boy & Their Toys...

Last week I broke down & bought a smartwatch. I've been waiting for Apple to release a smartwatch since 2010, when 3rd party cases started showing up for the Nano - allowing you to wear your iPod on your wrist as a watch. 

But the Smartwatch 2 (Sony) & Galaxy Gear (Samsung) swooped-in to land the 1st major smartwatch punches with early fall releases this year. So I went with a 3rd party company in Pebble to satisfy my immediate new tech craving.

It's a pretty good watch & should do just fine for the time being. There's a wide range of cell phone app notifications & alerts that sync seamlessly with the watch in real-time. I once wondered about the practicability of a smartwatch, clearly many simply aren't ready for this particular piece of tech.

But it's pretty convenient not having to pull my phone out of my pocket to change my music, read an alert, text message, or email so often. If the industry manages to continue successful development of the smartwatch functionality & services that people can actually use, they could be the next big thing.

Again, the Pebble smartwatch I have is just a stop-gap until The Big A gets their shit together in 2014. Color graphics, swipe gestures, a camera & voice assistance are some of the things the Samsung & Sony smart watches are respectively capable of, so I expect similar features, at minimum, for Apple's rendition - especially, since they are so damned late to the party. But I'm pleased with the overall functionality of the Pebble smart watch.

The ball is in your court Apple, we're waiting...


  1. I was just thinking how silly it is to get a smart watch. It just seems like a step backwards. If and when Apply comes out with one it will be superior.