Friday, December 27, 2013

Leveling Off...

Today I bought a new suit for work & also a new belt as a Christmas present to myself. I'd completely run-out of holes in my last belt (yet another reminder of my rapid weight gain, lol). 

But that aside, I think the weight gain has actually flattened out over the past few weeks (fingers crossed), I'm comfortable buying new clothes again, anyway.

After sporting suit sizes of 36, 38 & 40 this year, it looks like I've finally settled in at a size 42 (fingers crossed). I've been hovering at 200lbs for the past month or so, I'd now fight in the cruiserweight class, should I choose to lace-up the boxing gloves (lol).

It still hasn't quite been a year since I quit smoking, but it seems my body has finally made the adjustment. The internal panic alarms have been silenced & my body no longer seems to be experiencing any if the normal withdrawal symptoms - looks like I've kicked it!

One of my challenges in 2014 is to establish a regiment of cleaner eating & really, just healthier living in general. Now that I've taken steps to eliminate some of the unnecessary toxins from my body, it makes a lot more sense to maintain the upkeep of this temple :-)


  1. I don't believe it! I need to see it for myself, lol

  2. I need to see this! I can help you cook healthy meals :-)

    1. I know... but that still doesn't mean that I want to - I need a chef, lol...