Friday, May 13, 2016

It's Been a Day...

Caught a really bizarre flat tire today immediately after work & completely shattered my iPad screen upon arriving at home. Oh & I was completely unproductive on the job today - yea, as this post title states, it’s been a day!  The devil has certainly been busy at work, but I’m far too blessed to be stressed so I’m not even gon’ cry about it. 

I was lucky enough to be in a familiar part of DC when I caught the flat tire, & though my tire began to rapidly lose air pressure upon puncture, I was able to make it safely to a nearby Exxon station on Benning Road, popped on the spare & kept my Friday afternoon rolling. Stopped by the NTB bought a new tire, it’s now mounted to the rim & ready for pick up later this evening. 

I’m also blessed with the means to replace my iPad immediately - the new tablet cost $585 & change, but get this… there was exactly $586 available in my Best Buy account - so I didn’t even have to use any of my hard earned cash, how about that!?! It’ll arrive next week & I should be able to repair the current iPad to be repurposed afterward. Guess that’s just the way my God works - fuck wit him! Lol…

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