Thursday, May 12, 2016

Commencement '16

Last Mother's Day weekend I attended the commencement exercises of my alma mater, Howard University, here in our nation's capital. 

I'd thought the faces of over 2,400 new members of the real HU's great family would highlight the day, but much to my delight, the best part of the ceremony would actually be my very own mother (now the Dean of HU's School of Social Work) presenting & confirming her students' graduate degrees! What a way to kick-off the holiday weekend! The weather cooperated, as it always does for an HU graduation, & everyone on the yard, including my mom, simply looked great.

The camera really seemed to love her, as I'd later discover upon returning home to catch the live coverage on my DVR & she didn't flub any of her lines either, lol.

Oh & by the way, the 44th president our great nation stopped by as well... “I know you’re all excited today. You might be a little tired, as well. Some of you were up all night making sure your credits were in order (laughter). Some of you stayed up too late, ended up at HoChi at 2am (laughter). Got some mambo sauce on your fingers (enormous laughter)…

Now that's the Barrack Obama I've been waiting 8 years to hear from - maybe I won't give him such a hard time moving forward, lol. 

But all jokes aside, he really did deliver an empowering speech to the graduates, one that was relevant to everyone in attendance. A truly historic & monumental day on the Hilltop & I'm so very glad that I was able to take part. Now let me break-out this checkbook, I've got money to send uptown for some much needed infrastructure improvements over at the School of C!

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