Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fall Is Upon Us...

It's almost my favorite part of the year!!! I've got my Christmas shopping lists in order, the weather has finally changed over to more fall appropriate temperatures & we'll soon be falling-back to eastern standard time shortly (officially signifying the start of the holiday season for me :o) 

Halloween's around the corner, so I look forward to seeing the kiddies in their costumes (well... the kids with parents who haven't completely cancelled Pumpkin Day).
Also, shit's gettin' real as far as the NFL football season is concerned & we're now just weeks away from the NBA season.

A couple buddies & I have been experimenting with just about anything pumpkin spice we can find. They seem to be making EVERYTHING in some special pumpkin flavor this fall & then there's Turkey Day... I'm already hungry too! Not sure of the specific plans for Thanksgiving, I just know I'll be having several plates :-D

It's a great time of year for fashion as well. Errr... well, I think so anyway. I'm definitely no fashionista, but I feel like I can be more creative during the colder portions of the year, but what do I really know about it? 

This is also the time of year when I typically reduce the size of my virtual footprint. Not really sure why I do this, but I tend to go dark as far as any social networking each year around this time - let's just call it my annual purge from the bullshit, lol.

Anywho... that's all for now.


  1. I am SO pumpkin everything because of you. I have a recipe for pumpkin pecan pancakes....I want to make them...and pumpkin/chocolate chip muffins....and pumpkin bars.....and pumpkin everything

  2. So I made the pumpkin chocolate chip bars....they are good, but the next time I make them I will use a little more pumpkin spice and chocolate chips.

    I'll freeze you one :-)

    1. Oooo... gracias - pls do, they sound good cuz u know how much of a chocolate lover I am as well!