Monday, October 14, 2013

Weight, Really???

Ok so I'm not crazy & my clothes are NOT shrinking, lol... over the past summer, I've definitely picked up some weight - somehow, I'm currently 20 pounds heavier than I've ever been. 

No idea what to attribute it to other than stress & older age (looks like the ol' metabolism has finally started to slow). Oh & I guess there's something to the theory that suggests quitting smoking often causes a substantial increase in weight. 

I remember when my father quit smoking cigarettes (cold turkey) when I was a kid! He too rapidly gained weight (eventually he would suffer a stroke), so perhaps this really shouldn't be such a surprise to me & rather something I should seriously take heed of in regard to my future health. On the brighter side, guess I'll be a bit warmer this fall & should have an even heartier appetite come this Thanksgiving, lol.

Seriously though, I had to shell-out an undesirable amount of bread on new clothes last month & that's bullshit, lol (especially my work clothes - which tend to have a slimmer cut). Contrary to my previous post about the weight-gain in my thighs (lol), the new weight appears evenly distributed for the most part, I don't see any portions of my body that are visibly larger than before. Even still, for a person who has never once given weight a 2nd thought, this is pretty trippy.

I've always been able to eat anything I wanted without consequence, as far as pounds are concerned. My body just broke everything down with no problems, now I get full & feel full! Most of my adult life I've hovered somewhere between 165 to 170 pounds, but now I consistently come in at 185 pounds, easily. I'm curious to know what my doctor's thoughts or questions will be at the next physical exam once she makes that notation.

I'm not at all comparing myself to those who have had serious physical & psychological struggles with weight-gain and/or obesity, but I definitely think about it a differently now that I'm armed with a tad more personal experience. After-all, I sit & laugh at myself about it, so clearly it's not an issue for me, just an observation (& additional shopping expense). But it makes me think of how even just 10 to 20 pounds, here or there, creates so much anxiety for some.

We're so hard on ourselves - it's true... your biggest critic is most definitely YOU. Hopefully we'll someday adjust our concepts of beauty, at least to the point where we don't beat ourselves up so much over those little things we tend to perceive as flaws or imperfections -- ok I'm off my soapbox, just more observation from the kid I guess :-)

At any rate, I bought my Halloween costume a couple weeks back, hopefully it'll still fit at the end of the month, lol


  1. Do you have a pop belly, yet? lol

    1. Let's just say, I'm using a different belt loop as of late ;-)