Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ok, This Is Random But...

A friend of mine got married over the weekend, it was a secret ceremony that took place in Las Vegas yesterday. She looked very pretty in her wedding gown & though I don't know the groom, he too looked sharp  in his tux. Just thought I'd blog about it since I like the way that they did it.

They told no one outside of a few friends & family, so it was very much a surprise when the 1st photos began to surface on Instagram and Facebook. 

To be quite honest, I seriously have doubts about whether I'll ever marry in life, but I definitely would want to do it in similar fashion.

No silly, proclamations of intent on Facebook - just a discrete, meaningful ceremony, dictated only by the 2 of us, WITHOUT the assistance of outside influences. Yea, that would be just perfect for me. We could always have a reception or party to celebrate with loved ones at a later date.

It's funny, I used to say I'd have no problem with going to the justice of the piece, if it ever came down to it, but nah... no matter how spontaneous our decision to tie the knot might be, I could never just hit the JP, secret or not - I'm now realizing it would have to, at least, be a destination ceremony.

I guess now, I feel like I'd need for the occasion (not just the date) to be really special for her, so yea... the standard 10 to 20-minute local courtroom hitching will no longer due for any lady of my choosing, lol. Ok, so now that I've got somewhat of a plan, I just need the lady - keep you posted with any developments.

P.S. -- I'm open to suggestions, seems I'm fresh out of willing candidates on this end :-D


  1. Destination is the way to go! If I could get a do over that is what I would elect to do.

    1. Speaking of destinations, how are you enjoying your recent return to the west coast? Hope all has been well with u & hubby!