Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cleveland loses, again...

So The King has finally landed in his new city & the press/fan fallout has been amazing! The anger & spite-laced letter from Cavs owner Dan Gilbert, priceless. Not to mention Lebron's 'exclusive' hour-long special where he announced his decision (so over the top - perhaps he IS royalty, lol). All & all, here's my take:

No one (Lebron, sports media, Dan Gilbert, or the Cleveland fans) really handled this situation in a very professional manner. Lebron & the media enjoyed a 3-month courtship in which they both worked hand & hand to sensationalize this entire free agency process - spare us the pointless drama, choose a team, have a 15-minute press conference & then business can proceed as normal. most celebrities & star athletes crave the attention their fanfare brings, so Lebron certainly didn't prove himself to be any exception to the rule.

As fas far as the owner,
please... teams ship guys out of town with no warning all the time, but when the players make the decision to leave it's ALWAYS a different story. This is nothing new in the NBA, which is why I don't really understand his open letter to fans which was full of salt, poorly crafted & un-called for. I mean to me, it was really written in bad taste. Now as a free agent looking for a new home: would that make you want to play in Cleveland? Finally, there is his claim (guarantee rather) that the Cavs will win a championship before Lebron will down in Miami - yeah, that's a bet I'd love make with Mr. Gilbert. The city of Cleveland hasn't celebrated a single champion in one of the major sports in 46 years (the longest such drought for major cities with a team), so yeah - good luck with that, lls.

These Cleveland Cav fanatics who've been out burning old Lebron James jerseys, t-shirts and other related paraphernalia are simply nuts! I recognize just as well as most how sport has grown to mean everything in this country & the whole sport as a microcosm of society spiel - but really, no athlete directly puts money into my pocket so you'll never see me launch any full-scale attack campaigns because my favorite player just decided to up & bounce. With all the social & economic issues this country is having right now, &
THAT's the type of thing that brings you out to the streets in protest??? What does that say about you?

So best of luck to the Cavs & the same to King James - I'll see you all at the game where Lebron returns to Cleveland next season, I've just got to witness the fuckery 1st-hand...

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