Wednesday, July 7, 2010

So Ed Reed says he wants a new contract…

This muthafukka can’t be serious. This is the same dude who missed 4 games in December last season before recovering ‘just in time’ for the playoffs. Not to mention he has 3 yrs (each of which is worth over $6 million) left on his 6-year contract extension from 2007 in addition to a $15 million signing bonus that same year. “I appreciate the opportunity that the Ravens have given me. I’m not about to ask them for anything if I’m not going to be playing. My focus is to get myself back. I’m coming back for at least for one more year.” – Stop playin with me Ed, you comin back for ‘at least’ one more year but you want another extension beyond the 3 remaining years on your current extension? He also mentioned recently that he’s only 35 percent after having hip surgery, so wtf??? Not sayin he’s on bitch-mode like Haynesworth in Washington, but damn - come to the bargaining table with a lil’ more leverage than THAT before you start askin for new contracts & shit… End rant.

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