Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Kissing Game...

Remember those days back when a kiss was more than just a kiss? I'm talkin bout them days when u weren't even fuckin yet. Back in the day when you kissed somebody - it was quite the dramatic event, so that was ur boo (lol). Field trips, the back of the classroom, the school bus, the cafeteria... all of these places provide very fond (yet innocent) memories for the kid.

Things have definitely changed since those times. I guess nowadays we do everything in our power NOT to kiss someone (even during sex). Admittedly, alot of that certainly has to do with the fact that we handle our inter-personal relationships in a far more casual manner (often times reserving those sweet kisses for that someone special) than at any other time, yet & still - it's a shame, but at least we still seem to consider one thing sacred I figure.

It's rather easy to have your sexual needs fulfilled outside of a relationship, but taking care of those emotional needs is another story altogether. I guess that's what I miss most about my last meaningful relationship - that instant gratification that came from just knowing someone really cared & looked out for you. In the meantime, guess I'll continue to maintain the all important status-quo & keep puttin it down for the people, lol...


  1. Just out of curiousity the last day you were at my house and i was laying on your lap, would you have kissed me back if I kissed you first?

  2. Lil! What kinda, I'll answer that off-line. Lol...