Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sometimes ya just gotta get MIA on em...

So I'm finally fully recovered from my recent trip to Miami. I'm really falling more and more in love with South Beach each time I go. You wouldn't believe the amount of fuckery that went down - then again maybe you would, lol.

Being that this particular weekend was the DC Takeover, I got a chance to see many good friends from home as well as meet many new people, so each and every night was it's own experience.

The clubs were great, the liquor was cheap, the weed was abundant, the police were absent & the women were fun - pretty much all the essential elements necessary for a truly memorable experience!

Getting back to the women - gals in Miami (or most southern cities I've found) are SO nice, I really need to find me a southern girl, cuz I don't think many of these women up north are quite bred for a refined cat such as myself, lol. I could definitely see myself living in Miami or someplace nearby. Los Angeles would definitely work for the boy too! Even in such a busy city, people seem to maintain a pretty pleasant disposition there as well.

The weather on South Beach cooperated each and every day of our trip, there's nothing like a good coastal breeze to help relax. I hear they're having one of those tropical storms in the area this wknd, so we definitely had good timing. Still not sure just how I made thru the rest of the week here at home & work considering the brutal heat wave we've been enduring over the past month or so. But this morning (a full 5 days after my return) I finally felt refreshed and ready to take on the world once again - so look out all...

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