Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dear Metro: Is that how you feel?

Ok, really - what's the damn deal? So Friday Metro implemented the 2nd wave of fare increases in the past 6 months, and they did so in a pretty sneaky manner. They're calling it a Peak of the Peak-time Surcharge, wtf??? And the bastards couldn't even wait until 1st of the month to put the new fares into affect (as was previously announced). There was no surcharge for the 'peak of the peak-time' during the morning commute, but by Friday afternoon they had signage at each station indicating that the new fares were indeed in affect for the afternoon commute. Bitches!

Perhaps I wouldn't be so pissed about the constant fare hikes if the overall service & function of Metro was ever enhanced by the additional revenue - but Nope! Service has gone nowhere but down-hill since last year's train crash. At this point the shit is beyond ridiculous.

Lazy-ass station managers act as though your interrupting them whenever u experience a problem. Train drivers don't allow enough time for passengers to board ('in an effort to stay on schedule' - yeah, right). Not mention we're
still waiting for Wifi in ALL stations as promised a year ago, escalator outages are a dime a dozen (you can forget about the convenience of an elevator anytime u actually need one) & many of the stations and train cars have no AC.

The dysfunctional organization has been on the constant decline despite the hikes and goo-gobs of federal funding they've received in addition to funds acquired locally. At this point, I'm convinced that the big wigs who run Metro simply don't give a damn.

If were cheaper to ride the train as opposed to driving to work many of these problems might remain a small after-thought as was the case to until this year. But with the constant increase in fares it's that's clearly no longer the case so there's alot more scrutiny being placed upon the level of service that Metro provides it's patrons & rightfully so!

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