Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The wait is over!!!

It's just about my favorite time of the year (Football Season!!!) and it's very interesting to see the amount of women who not only follow football nowadays, but actually watch, attend and fully comprehend the sport. Each of the past five years that I've hosted my fantasy football league more and more women have participated (& successfully so, I might add), that's definitely what's up! I always enjoy it when people blow-up stereotypes and the typical expectations of others.

The way I see it, that has to be something that goes along way in terms social relationships among men & women in this country. How cool would it be to have a gal who shares the same enthusiasm for a football as me? I can think of three instances where I had a chick who loved football and I must say that each time it certainly enhanced the relationship.

Of course I've most frequently I've dealt with women who honestly didn't give a damn one way or another about what was goin on with football, lol. Some made an attempt to try and understand the fascination while others didn't desire to understand in the least and made no attempt to even humor the thought. Kind of interesting though as I can recall many times where I've made an attempt to understand the various hobbies of women I've been involved with, including participation in activities that I was familiar with, so what the real difference with football?

Idk & honestly, I don't really have a preference in either regard. If homegurl ain't into football and prefers to use that time pursuing other things (i.e. - leaving me the fuck alone!), by a means do you! But DO know that I'm goon be a minute if it's Sunday or Monday (& sometimes Thursday) Night, lol.

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