Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Free at Last (again...)

I spent about a month of my life reluctantly operating a non-jailbroken iPhone 4 upon it's initial release, but in recent weeks the Tech Gods smiled down upon us with the release of a new jailbreak via FINALLY a viable jailbreak solution for the new OS. Oh, how I've missed my jailbroken apps & tweaks. I've always thought it was ridiculous to ask a consumer to spend $500 for a device & then say he/she she shouldn't have the ability to customize.

Incidentally, along with the release of the new jailbreak came an announcement that jailbreaking a device is no longer illegal. Not really sure what that means for the typical cell phone user at this point, but one thing I do know is that the legality of the issue was rarely what kept apprehensive folks from doing so. To me, it seems to involve more fear of how complicated it is to jailbreak one's device and furthermore how painstaking it is to maintain a jailbreak in regard to future firmware updates and so fourth.

With that being said I'd be very surprised to see hoards of folk jailbreaking their devices since in most cases, the masses just don't know what their missing when it comes to tweaking their device. Below you'll find my lil' run-down of pros & (the one) con when it comes to jail breaking.


1) An entirely new app store is made available to owners of JB phones
2) Complete customization of the phone (layouts, icon, sounds,etc) becomes possible when jailbroken.
3) Features and functions of the device either forgotten or forbidden by the manufacturer/carrier are available, and in great abundance


1) Often times firmware updates for a device become available; however, jailbreakers need to wait a day or two for app developers & hackers to test the jailbreak against the new firmware - that's about the only drawback I really come across in my experience as a jail breaker.

Recently broken your iPhone & looking for cool JB apps? Help are some of the JB tweaks & apps I'm using nowadays...
Fake Carrier- is a tweak that allows me to customize the standard AT&T carrier banner to say whatever I'd like, mine says "Ghostwriter28," of course...qTweeter- an excellent jb app for Twitter & Facebook that allows you to effortlessly Tweet or update your Facebook status at any point, from anywhere on your phone with out interrupting anything your currently doing.iBlacklist- an essential app of mine which allows me to decide which calls make my phone ring regularly, discreetly or not at all. It also allows me to decide whether the call shows up in my normal call log or in a separate hidden log. The same features are available for SMS msg as well.

LockInfo- a tweak which displays a fully customizable quick glance display for each SMS/MMS msg, email, notification, calendar item, etc. to my lockscreen in place of the standare wallpaper.

biteSMS- an SMS/MMS app which I use in place of the normal texting app included w/ my iPhone. It displays the contact photo for each msg and allows me to send a msg at a scheduled time. It also gives me the ability to decide precisely how I want txt msgs to be displayed, this app is one of my favs!

Cyntacts- is a tweak that places contact photos next to each contact in my iPhone's default contacts list. This is a great tweak for me, as it performs a function that I've always felt has been missing from the iPhone (& still is).

aper- a tweak that allows me to display a video wallpaper instead of a static image or blank wallpaper beneath my app icons.

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