Friday, January 7, 2011

Feature Friday: Always Leave the Cage Door Open, So Your Lovebird Can Return...

While messin around online the other day, I ran across this poem & thought it was pretty deep, so I figured I’d share it as my 1st "Feature Friday" post, where I plan to spotlight someone else's work on (what I hope) will be the 1st Friday of each month.

Do you (or someone else you know) have any work you like shared, if so, shoot me an email at & I'd be glad to post it, if it cuts the mustard, that is, lol. Ami Linaiah's 2007 poem, 'Always Leave the Cage Door Open, So Your Lovebird Can Return,' reads as follows…
You did this, and he's the proof.
No wonder your hated,
spend the rest of your life Jaded.
This, the atonement for your crime,
because of your ways, you've run outta time.
Your bird flew away,
You knew he wouldn't stay.
Not after this,
you broke his heart and sealed it with a kiss.
I know you I'm in your head!
You're a bitch, the cards have been read.
A week ago I would never believe it.
That you would change so fast and he would see it.
You still love one another, but it's not the same.
Again, I'll say that we're to blame!
We gave into darkness, and he still forgives!!
Though we feel as though we don't deserve to live.
But he came back to us.
He still loves us.
The door to his heart is cracked open...

                     Look at what you've done...

                                 Just look what you've done...

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