Sunday, January 9, 2011

What an Immaculate Fall from Grace...

Friday morning as I rode the train into work, I browsed Jet magazine & came across an article that highlighted the 2010 Black College Football All-American Team. "No Howard players this year," I thought to myself. But just what is the deal with the Howard University football program anyway?

Over the past 3 seasons, HU has posted a whopping record of 4-29, including an even more abysmal conference record of 0-24 over the same timespan (yes, 0-24). It's down-right embarrassing when you KNOW 80% of the people at a home game are there just to see the marching band. Long gone are the glory days when teams knew they could count on one hell of a battle when facing the Bison.

2004 was the last time the football team actually posted a winning record (6-5, overall) & I simply don't know the last time they posted a winning conference record. Shit, they can't even manage to schedule homecoming games to win anymore - the last time they managed to do so was 2007, it was the highlight of yet, another losing season. I mean really - the bleakness of the program's current situation commands immediate attention from somebody, hell anybody!

Something is fundamentally broken with the HU Athletic Department with specific regard to the football team & rather than do something about it, the University is perfectly fine with using the standard "we're an educational institution 1st" approach whenever someone brings to light the consistent ineptitude of the football program.

While I can't argue with that fact, I can say that people take a certain amount of pride from watching their alma maters compete & win the big football game. It's a sense of accomplishment shared by everyone close to a given institution, so it would be nice if university administration showed interest in the current state of the football program, or at the very least - a lil' school pride for goodness sake...

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