Thursday, November 25, 2010

Broke Another Mirror Today...

Apparently there's something about my personality that fosters a breeding ground for miscommunication & lack of understanding & though I've never tired of any opportunity for success in this regard, here I sit confused, exhausted & without a clue of where to go from here. If I fight to express that in which I believe is right, I lose. If I remain silent & allow certain beliefs or misconceptions to continue, I lose.

It's a shame that we're unable to really know the people we involve ourselves with until we're knee-deep in shit, but I guess that's the way life & love works - it's always a leap of faith! You just hope that the individual you find yourself involved with invests the same amount of time/energy as you have as far as understanding & respecting each other.

I haven't always gotten that effort from women, but to be fair, there were certainly times when I failed in this arena as well. Nonetheless, I can honestly say I have no problem forgiving a person who takes accountability for his/her mistakes, or actions but when there isn't even any willingness to recognize the fault - really what's the point?

With each day I learn that what I want in life may not be what God wants for me. Sometimes people are going to shit on you regardless of how thoughtful you are of them. The thing I've benefitted from most in life is knowing which personal bridges to cross & which ones I should burn. After all, a man can only take so much...

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